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Dear Elevator Industry,

There will be a 2019 make-up class on January 8, 2020 in Orlando for those that have not yet obtained the continuing education for elevator license renewal in December 2019.  Chris Strawn will be the Instructor for this class.  It will be held at:

Comfort Suites;  5617 Major Blvd., Orlando FL 32819

hotel: (407) 363-1967

    This class is the 2019 class, for the 2020 license renewal within the State’s grace period – it should only be attended if you did not obtain continuing education in 2019 prior to December 31, or if you did not attend one of our classes in 2019.  Please be aware that the grace period only allows you to renew late without starting over; it does not delay the expiration date of your current certification. You therefore cannot work independently as an elevator technician or inspector after your CET/CEI expires on December 31 until it is renewed.  You can work as a helper if you are directly supervised, as defined in Chapter 61C-5 Florida Administrative Code, by someone with a current Certificate of Competency.  There will also be a late fee to the Bureau of Elevator Safety for the renewal.
    This class is also good for 2019 NAESA QEI credit for 0.8 or 1.0 CEUs (8 or 10 hour credit) within their grace period as well.
    If you do take this class for 2020 renewal, you will have to take another class in 2020 by December 31 for your 2021 renewal.  This class will be good for 2021 renewal if you obtained your 2019 CEUs elsewhere (you just cannot take the same course twice).
    To register – simply go to the below link and sign-in:
     You can also mail a check with the name(s) and certification numbers.
     Please register right away if interested – we need a minimum of 20 attendees.
     Be sure to get your CEUs early next year!
Lee Rigby, President
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