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New 2019 Elevator Safety and Continuing Education class dates have been posted!

ESTS recently sponsored the Elevator Industry Safety Summit. The event was described by Bob Shepherd, Executive Director of NAESA International, as “The Woodstock of elevator safety events!”, and “A positive change in the culture of elevator safety forever”. The main theme of the Elevator Industry Safety Summit is a focus on fatality and accident prevention for elevator workers and enhanced safety for elevator riders.

ESTS was presented with this Certificate of Participation by NAESA for sponsoring the event.

ESTS Elevator Safety Summit Certificate of Participation


A Training and Technical Services Company

Providing Training for Elevator Code Compliance Nationwide…

We have updated our “About Us” page.

ESTS provides elevator expert witness services by Lee Rigby, in the specialty field of vertical transportation including elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts and similar devices.

Over 40 years of elevator experience and 14 years performing expert witness services. Mr. Rigby has particular expertise in elevator rules and codes regulating elevators, as well as purpose and operation of specific elevator components…

More information on our Expert Witness Services page.

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