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Providing Training for Elevator Code Compliance Nationwide

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Offering on-site training services to facilities and emergency personnel in a curriculum designed to help facilities provide safe and reliable vertical transportation to the riding public and to comply with governing codes.
The courses we offer include:

Presentations and demonstrations needed to safely interact with all elevator related equipment including passenger elevators, freight elevators, special personnel elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Manuals and logs necessary to comply with code requirements, and familiarization with the record keeping and reporting procedures as required.

Registration of properly trained attendees.

Classes in:

♦Elevator Emergency Evacuation♦    

Providing training for: Emergency Personnel and On-Site Personnel to Assist Emergency Personnel
Registration of Qualified Personnel as required
Demonstration of Rescue Techniques
Logs as required


♦Firefighters’ Emergency Operation    

Proper operation of Phase I & Phase II Firefighters’ Operation
Registration of Trained Personnel

♦Escalator and Moving Sidewalk Start-Up♦  

Class Presentation and Logs
Proper operation and start-up procedures as required by code
Registration of Qualified Personnel as Required
Logs as required


We also provide:

Required training to assure that all persons using Special Purpose Personnel Elevators understand and comply with proper rescue procedures.
Training on the proper procedures for clearing the exterior of transparent car enclosures or transparent hoist-way enclosures, as required by code.
Continuing Education classes for QEI, CC, CET & CAM.

Chris Strawn, President

Elevator Safety and Training Services

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Tallahassee, FL 32303

Toll free 866-899-3787

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